Foil Colors

Here are a few tips to help you decide which color to select for your album imprinting.

There are over 50 foil colors to choose from so the choices can be overwhelming. Remembering the color palette will help you decide on a coordinating color but, if you still need assistance, feel free to reach out to me to discuss. Pressing Matters has imprinted thousands of albums so I have seen almost every color combination and can tell you what works best together.

1. Gold is the most used foil color, no matter what the album color. The classic elegance of gold will give your albums the polished look you want.

2. If you have an older Creative Memories album, there is a foil trim already imprinted on the album. The foil color that the album is outlined in would be your logical choice. Most albums are trimmed in metallic gold and silver already. New Creative Memories albums don’t have a trim so you can use any color foil you wish.

3. Keep in mind that some foil colors will be subtle against light fabrics. For example, gold foil on a yellow album is extremely subtle. As is silver foil on a white album. If you are hoping to make a bold statement, please choose a darker foil color. Black is the best choice for bold statements